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Thread: Touhou II: Story of an Eastern Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolaran View Post
    Yay! Hina's definitely my favorite out of the Mountain of Faith cast. A pity she tends to get so little fan attention.

    Speaking of which... is it just me, or do a lot of Stage 2 bosses get short shrift in the fandom? Mystia frequently gets lumped in with Team 9, Hina and Parsee hardly ever seem to show up in starring roles, and Kyouko seems to have largely had her thunder stolen by the appearance of a jiang-shi. Only one in recent history to have dodged the curse was Kogasa, and I think that was partly due to her Extra appearance.
    I would guess it's just because they haven't made multiple appearances, and so their already relatively undetailed characters aren't developed further. I wouldn't say that they're under-loved due to their stage status though, since the same could be said for other characters all over the place. It's just that other characters have so much more to work with in personality, so the "ignored" cast are only really paid attention to by the most interested people.

    Hina and Parsee, at the very least, have their own sort of associated quirks, practically ascended to memes, which is more than what some people can say. I have nothing for Kyouko though, but the lack of attention could just be because the game's the newest. Of course, there was quite a burst of interest when the character was revealed, but I suppose that's standard. And in any case, what's wrong with the ⑨ squad? From what I see, their grouping as a bunch of ⑨s isn't really a bad thing, and lots of people consider their childish behavior a lovable trait. Mystia's got her own little niche as well, as...Yuyuko's food. And finally, just as an addition to what you were listing earlier, don't forget Cirno (speak of the Scarlet Devil) and Chen, who've got their own respective spotlights from the fandom.

    TL;DR: They're not really getting little attention or thought of as unpopular, considering how important they are. Also, I'll just leave this here. In particular, the results for character poll #8 may be interesting.
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