Xaxil looks Ralston eye to eye...though without the narrow smile.
"Do I sense some annoyance in your approach to met? It is as if you have suffered at the jokings by some rude knave at your own history. Or maybe you believe me to be the bastard who mocks you? Hear me at once everybody...if you will.
At this moment Xaxil whips back his silvered cloak and draws forth his Bastard Sword. Unblinking, he goes on...
"We are not the only ones to have lost family, and rightly I am sure that Benson's spirit is on a higher platitude and holding a torch for all of us right now. Magister Thorngage, surely you too feel a sense of loss toward your family in their fall from the lighted path. Your spirit and approach is are both unique to me. And you...Mister Peppers...I hope that whatever knack that you are keeping concealed will hasten our mission. Mr. Barnaby, your attention to detail is amazing and I am certain that your travels have shed much Light from from the tales of we who call ourselves Bringers. Surely this ill tempered land before us is in dire need of consecration."
Hoping to have simply flushed out whatever evil might be lingering nearby, or likewise to shed words of light that might bring out whatever innocent souls may be in hiding...Xaxil ends his speech. Holding his Bastard sword in both hands now, he moves forward forward after focusing his detect undead ability until he is just before the doorway to the empty building.
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