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Well, I was about to ask why you disliked One Piece but given you only watch dubs... from what I heard I get your point.

Okay, so, good/decent dubs... Gurren Lagann... very wide spectrum, mechas, manliness, BEYOND THE IMPOSSIBLE-ness. Higly etnertaining by most people's judgement.
Cowboy Bebop, classic, futuristic... what's the word... jazzy? Many many people like it (I'd say everyone but there are exceptions to all rules)
Are there dubs for Hellsing Ultimate allready? I think so... It's pretty dark but then it suddenly mood swaps to funny for a few seconds. Don't go for the normal series, though.
Uhm.... there are many more but I don't really know what is subbed or how well it is.

Also, on the current season... it's fedding on my life! I'm glad I didn't start everything but it's already eating away so much of my time I will need to drop the mediocre/good stuff for the good/very good...
Cowboy Bebop has been on my list forever, so I'll totally go there. What's wrong with the original Hellsing? I've always heard it's pretty good. Also now on my list from quick internet searches.

Gurren Lagann
Big O
Hellsing Ultimate