Hey, I have a request in already, but was thinking of putting in another request in addition to the Stormtrooper Pony.

From the Airship Wars over in Ponythread, I would like a group shot of the Kommodore and Mr. Wiggles.

The Kommodore
Gender: Male
Type: Earth pony
Coat color: coal (black with hints of gray)
Mane color and style: gray
Eye color: green
Cutie mark: a blue potion bottle, or a potion bottle filled with blue liquid
Pose: ready for battle
Expressions: resigned
Accessories or costumes:
1) crate on his back, with a hose leading to a watergun held in his mouth
2) a nice hat. I'm picturing something like a marching band player's hat with more bells and whistles, but feel free to use your imagination.
3) a pink tabard. if you want to leave it plain, fine, if you want to go in detail, probably a design with balloons, cake, and streamers would work.

Mr Wiggles
Gender: Male
Type: Earth Pony
Coat color: light brown bordering on yellow
Mane color: orange
Eye color: brown
Cutie mark: an explosion (with a blank-flank image of himself about halfway up his back, a safe distance from the danger)
Pose: hooking on his saddle
Expression: cowed
Accessories: a yellow saddle

Thanks for your time and effort! Sorry for the complexity of this.