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Okay, given but still, they could have... stopped instead of making so much completely different up.
I can't recall any more distinguished characterization in the old series... if anything the later manga chapters get any. But I dare say character development is not the focus of Hellsing.

Nice vids, anyway.
I'm not gonna say its particularly good characterization but things like Seras doing some actual investigating as the cop she's nominally supposed to be, the little girl from the latter half, and episodes like the one with the reporter which don't revolve around insane violence are what sold me. Particularly as the manga just gets more and more over the top. Also I feel Seras get developed throughout as the main character, not just the sidekick who gets development late in the manga.

Its not a tremendously good series, but I still think in the old anime they are at least aware of characterization and story while the manga/OVA just laughs maniacally at the idea.

(Mind you I like all three forms well enough)

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They only made 13 episodes of Hellsing, total. It's not like they created some ridiculous 100 episodes of ridiculous filler like like anime I could mention.

When a show only has one season anyway, they need to create some sort of resolution. Endings like that aren't innately bad. The fact that there's no coherent ending I can be satisfied with is the problem with, say, the Spice and Wolf anime. Two seasons, no resolution, and no third season in sight.
I think that's a good example particularly with the second season of Spice and Wolf. There are any number of elements introduced in that series that don't have any sort of resolution. Which is a shame.