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Raenir K. Artemi:

Physical Description:

Male, half-angel.
Six feet and two inches tall.
Caucasian, maybe with a very light tan.
He's built wide. Not heroic build wide or anything, but he's definitely not a skinnyboy.
Long, thick brown hair, down to his knees, almost always pulled back with a blue strap of cloth in a low-hanging ponytail, shorter bangs falling into his face most of the time.
Strong enough that you can tell that he has muscle if he's not wearing loose clothes, though that isn't often.
He's got squarish facial features, a straight nose, if a little big, and a wide mouth, often smiling. His eyes are normally a deep green. This color, about.
His facial structure is probably something like this, without the beard, and the eyes up a little higher. A little more rounded too.

Oh, and he has wings. Big, white, with layered feathers. They go up from his back to just above his head, and joint down to about his knees. When they're spread out all the way, they have a wingspan of about thirteen feet.


He wears loose black jeans with a belt and a teal T-shirt, as well as black and white tennis-shoes.
Above this all, he wears a... Well, it's probably best described as a trenchjacket. It's a denim jacket, with wide sleeves, the jacket itself extending down to just above his feet. The jacket has pockets on the outside above the waist as most jackets do, a short collar, and defined seems along the sleeves and... Well, everywhere seems would normally be on a jacket.
Besides his clothes, his only real equipment is the Blue Lantern ring he wears on his left hand, ring finger.


Something more simple would probably work best. I'd like him turned slightly, his left side facing the "camera," a slight blue glow coming off of his ring.His wings arched up a little, readjusting themselves, as he looks off into the distance right of the "camera," smiling. Of course, if you, as the artist, can think of something better, go ahead.


He's standing in the grass in front of a very large lake, around noon, so the sun is high and the sky is clear. The lake has an island in the middle, with a beach front near the lake and a forest pretty much everywhere else.

Personality, if it helps:

Rae is an avatar of hope. Literally, due to being a Blue Lantern. No matter what he does, no matter how stupid, or dangerous, or even boring it is, there is hope shining in the background. He's almost constantly happy, and ready to lend a helping hand, or encouraging word, to whoever needs it. He did some pretty bad things in the past, and he's regretful about them, but he's moving on. He, now, literally radiates hope and calm, and he wants to do good, above nearly all else.
I'd like to re-request this, if you would do it. I'd love to see it.