Noble Phantom is a noble phantom indeed.

If you could do my Myrrdyn, Half-Fiend Drow Wizard//Rogue, that'd be great. I can't seem to find his description in the thread, so I'll just keep it short here:

Physical Build:
- He is kind of short, standing at 5'02
- He is rather skinny-looking, but not frail
- Black skin as normal for a Drow, but with paler scars on his arms and two side-by-side on his face
- White, shoulder-length hair, part of which falls over one side of his face
- Purple eyes (irrelevant if you do it in black-and-white though, but eh xD)
- Dragon-like wings, black with yellow stripes

- He wears a tight leather vest over a set of an old set of brown-and-white robes, which he cut between the legs to allow him to run normally; the robes carry some bloodstains
- Ordinary brown pants underneath the robes
- Sturdy black boots
- Sunglasses, set in a finely carved wood frame (kept atop his head when not needed)
- A Heward's Handy Haversack full of stuff
- A Belt of Hidden Pouches full of stuff
- Necklace with a golden six-pointed star with small gems on it

- Bears himself calmly with an authoritative attitude
- Most often cautious, ready to shrink away and hide, but fights like a bear when cornered
- Mostly prepares buff and control spells (barring fireball for dramatic effects)

Some history:
- Born the half-fiend son of a drow priestess and a devil; nearly murdered when the priestesses found out he was half-devil (not demon) and a boy; barely saved by an uncle who abandoned him in a cave near the surface
- Found by an expedition of explorers sent by a baron who wished to find out more about what was in the mountains of his land
- Raised as a bastard son, keeping his wings hidden
- Gained a position as the secretary of the mayor of a town on the baron's land
- Went into exile after dozens of years, after being wrongly suspected of aiding criminals
- Chased after said criminals, ending up in blowing up the house of a half-dragon hermit once he found them
- Said hermit took control of the situation and the four ended up travelling, on the run from the law

Additional notes:
- Having him standing to catch his breath while on the run (or just after finding out he is surrounded) might fit his situation best