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Thread: I will draw your D&d character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulaghar View Post
    This is an opportunity I can't pass up. Your art is really quite good. I hope you aren't getting too swamped.

    So, on to the character. His name is Kirk Locke. He's a drow elf that's abandoned his home many years ago. Don't mistake him for a drizzt clone. He just prefers to practice his own brand of evil. He likes to think of himself as a ladies man, which could be considered accurate, if not all the time. First and foremost, he's self serving. He's confident to the point of being smug.

    Now for the important bit, physical description.

    Kirk of course has dark skin. It is a dark grey, nearly black. his eyes are red and glow slightly with a light not dissimilar to a flame's. his hair is cut pretty short, probably only extending halfway own his ears, and is white. His ears are pointed of course. Generally Kirk will wear a smile suggesting he knows something you don't and he enjoys that fact. Or a smirk, whatever pleases you. He is rather handsome, though still looking elvish.

    As for his clothing. He wears a black suit most of the time. Simple black jacket that tends to be left open and black pants. The idea I was going for when I made the character was the Blues Brothers. Black suits, pants, and tie and a white shirt. He wears simple black dress shoes on his feet. On his head is an SRV hat. That particular one in fact, plume and all. Lastly is the sunglasses he wears. I'm pretty flexible for what they look like, though I'd prefer something with a thin frame. Perhaps like the non-oots avatar I'll put at the bottom of this page.

    I'm not too picky about his pose. A casual stance would suit him well. I would prefer that he be looking over his sunglasses rather than have them conceal his eyes. He tends to be careful about looking through them after an accident involving their magic allowing him to see something he shouldn't have. Something of note might be his weapon of choice. He keeps no less than four throwing knives on his person at all times. They're concealed, but you could have him holding one. He's a skilled knife fighter, whether that's throwing them or using them up close and personal. I'll leave anything else to your judgement.

    I also have a couple avatars of him, so I'll put them here for you to glance at.

    They aren't exactly accurate anymore, but are fairly close as long as you take into account what I've mentioned previously.

    Finally, here is a link to his character sheet. It's in a bit of need of updating, but you might glean something for it if you'd like to take a look.

    If you decide to do this I couldn't thank you enough. It'd be really appreciated. Of course I couldn't expect you to if you don't get to it. Here's to hoping you do.
    Well, since you're so generous as to offer to do these, I'd appreciate if you did mine as well if you get to it.
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