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    Default Re: My Little Pony: Avatar is Magic (also Adopt-a-Pony)

    And after indulging in my curiosity, I started watching this show. It was quite a surprise, but it was... Good. Now that I`m more than halfway to it, I can say:
    "Hey, those avatars of yours, they look quite cool! I would not mind having one of them!"

    -New guy on the forums wants a pony avatar.-

    Gender: Male. Or maybe it would look cool if it was fem... Male.
    Type: Unicorn pony
    Coat color: White
    Mane color and style: Yellow, messed up.
    Eye color:Shifting between red and blue
    Cutie mark: A spherical chunk of ice and a fireball, following each other like a ying yang.
    Pose:Walking lazily.
    Expressions:"I`m walking again in circles, am I?"
    Accessories or costumes: A ragged... Coat? Robe? Cloth. A staff with a storm theme on his back. If it helps, imagine a magician who just stopped being and apprentice, but still has no idea about what such a change means.

    I probably just went and asked a lot for an avatar, but it would humor me much to see a Yukari alicorn.

    Oh, Celestia, I almost forgot! I need a name for... Him? It? But I can`t think of any horse related name! So, some help avatar makers?
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