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    Quote Originally Posted by Terraoblivion View Post
    And we have Chisame finally stepping up to the leadership position she was grudgingly heading for! Also, her speech was amusing, given how half of it was listing Asuna's bad traits.

    But, yeah, this is a cool chapter and it finds a way from the girls to be useful again. Even if it isn't through punching people in the face. Especially Chisame, Konoka and Zazie. Although, is it 0% normality? I'm not sure I saw Chizuru.
    Given I can't keep track of all of 3-A a lot of the time but...

    Chizuru is right next to the cheerleaders examining petrified-Yuna.

    And I can't even remember the cheerleaders names. Ever. Just that the long haired one is the only girl with a steady boyfriend.
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