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    Default Re: Stat Geralt of Rivia (from the Witcher series)?

    I might consider a Pathfinder Ranger//Alchemist. If you really are going with the game design, the Ranger has an archetype that creates traps, flavor wise Rangers hunt monsters, and the Two Handed sword archetype would also help. The Alchemist would cover poisons, potions, and even (oddly specifically) the mutagens. And you could either go standard bombs or the Vivisectionist archetype that grants sneak attack. Both combined would make for plenty of knowledge about beasts, magical or otherwise.

    The only thing I am at a loss for would be the Signs. That would sort of be covered by Ranger spells (especially Sword of the Arcane Order), but you would have to pick between the traps or the spells.

    Dragon Magazine #347 Also has a variant that allows you to trade out your Animal Companion in order to gain your Favored Enemy bonus on attack rolls.
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