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OK so I just noticed that Elan has his sash resting over his right shoulder and Nale has his on the left; furthermore, when Nale does his switch-places plot in Cliffport and exchanges clothes with Elan, even though he put on Elan's sash, Nale was still wearing it over the left shoulder... and had clothed Elan with Nale's sash over the right shoulder.

However, come strip #378, Nale-as-Elan is wearing the sash over the right shoulder, which (in that strip and immediate follow-ups) was the last time we saw Nale in a sash - seems to either be an error/oversight or an indication that Nale realized he should use the other shoulder to get the disguise correct, at some point.
The reason for the change is the second-to-last panel here. V tells Nale-as-Elan that his sash is on backwards.