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    Default Re: [Base Class- Intended teir: 2+- 3.5] Battle Monk

    <rant>Why do you want a Tier 2 class? Tier 2 isn't "more powerful than Tier 3," Tier 2 is "capable of breaking the game." What possible reason would you have to design a class for a game that's explicitly designed to break said game.</rant>

    EDIT: You figured it out before I could post it.

    But whatever. Class:

    You've increased some numbers. Okay.

    Flurry of Blows still requires a full attack, and the monk still has a speed boost which it can't use because it's designed to full attack. You seem to alleviate the problem with Tiger's Assault, you explicitly disallow the monk's variation on Pounce from being used with Flurry of Blows. What? Why?

    Changing the key mental stat from Wisdom to Charisma is better for multiclassing and worse for the monk, since Wisdom is a better stat. Especially since you've also dropped the Will save, so now the monk has another area it's weak in.

    Tumble skill requirements for class abilities are poor design, in my opinion. The monk is going to have a high tumble skill either way, due to having class abilities that give bonuses to or rely on tumble checks. There's no reason to require the skill ranks other than to say, "Well, you actually gain 5+Int skills and maxed-out tumble."

    Slow Fall is still unbelievably substandard. Its distance is still pitiful, and it still requires you to be near a wall. So Feather Fall still beats it handily. At 1st level.

    Weightless step fails to indicate what level it's gained at, either in the text or on the table. I'd assume eight, by the skill rank requirement?

    On that subject, Tiger's Assault requires 14 ranks at level nine, meaning you can't actually use it until level 11. Also, why not just give the monk pounce? An insignificant tumble check is just going to slow down gameplay.

    Diamond Body still comes in insultingly late.

    Abundant step is unclear about uses per day, and about the action it requires to perform.

    Diamond Soul still needs to only apply against hostile spells.

    Thousand Fists needs to specify an action type. Otherwise, it looks okay, but it should come in earlier or it should have a higher penalty, and isn't there a penalty for fighting in someone else's space? If there is, it should ignore that.

    Quivering Palm is Quivering Palm.

    Spirit of the Wind comes in 7-10 levels later than it should.

    Tongue of the Sun and Moon is still insulting.

    Perfect Self gives you DR 10/+5. Uh ... is this a 3.0 class? (BTW, that "+5" should read "Epic.")

    Forbidden Sequence isn't nearly good enough for the level it comes in at, especially considering it requires a full round action to initiate.
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