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    Default Re: [Base Class- Intended teir: 2+- 3.5] Battle Monk

    Quote Originally Posted by Cipherthe3vil View Post
    there. better?

    and its still only 3? Bummer... :/

    What could I do to give it another little boost? so its high 3 or low 2?

    More skill points might help?
    Of course it's only 3. You don't seem to understand what the tiers actually mean.

    Tier 2: Has as much raw power as the Tier 1 classes, but can't pull off nearly as many tricks, and while the class itself is capable of anything, no one build can actually do nearly as much as the Tier 1 classes. Still potencially campaign smashers by using the right abilities, but at the same time are more predictable and can't always have the right tool for the job. If the Tier 1 classes are countries with 10,000 nuclear weapons in their arsenal, these guys are countries with 10 nukes. Still dangerous and world shattering, but not in quite so many ways. Note that the Tier 2 classes are often less flexible than Tier 3 classes... it's just that their incredible potential power overwhelms their lack in flexibility.

    Examples: Sorcerer, Favored Soul, Psion, Binder (with access to online vestiges)

    Tier 3: Capable of doing one thing quite well, while still being useful when that one thing is inappropriate, or capable of doing all things, but not as well as classes that specialize in that area. Occasionally has a mechanical ability that can solve an encounter, but this is relatively rare and easy to deal with. Challenging such a character takes some thought from the DM, but isn't too difficult. Will outshine any Tier 5s in the party much of the time.

    Examples: Beguiler, Dread Necromancer, Crusader, Bard, Swordsage, Binder (without access to the summon monster vestige), Wildshape Varient Ranger, Duskblade, Factotum, Warblade, Psionic Warrior

    This is a "fightan dude" with the tools necessary to be good at being a "fightan dude", without getting completely shoehorned into one fighting style, with a decent skill list to be useful out of combat. The main things it gains are Full BAB, a party bonus saves against fear (which needs to have its activation action clarified), larger healing pool, and Fly Speed at 16th level. You still can't flurry and move without using the tumble maneuver (which is oddly worded). So yeah. Tier 3 (I guess?). At it's core it's still got most of the monk shenanigans that are flavorful but not all that fantastic. A bit more mobile though.

    In any case, editing:

    AC Bonus: It states they get the bonus when in light armor, but lose it when they wear any armor. Probably a copy paste bug.
    Wholeness of Body: Needs an activation action clarified.
    Tiger's Assault: Requires 14 ranks in Tumble but you acquire it at level 9. Change it to 12.
    Abundant Step: Should say "a number of times per day equal to his/her charisma bonus", instead of once and score. Generally abilities should never be based off the full score, and if you want more uses give a few base to add with the score.
    Thousand Fists: This still feels oddly worded, but maybe it's just me. Seems to do what Tiger's Assault doesn't for a +5 DC. Odd, but works.
    Spirit of Wind: Replace "Dance of the springing tiger" with "Tiger's Assault"; I'm pretty sure that's what you meant.
    Forbidden Sequence: No editing, but an average of 7~ damage and crit confirmation on a weapon that only crits on 20 isn't much for a capstone.

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