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    Default Re: [Base Class- Intended teir: 2+- 3.5] Battle Monk

    The problem is that most people think Tier 2 is nothing more than "lots more powerful than a Warblade," which just isn't the case. At all.

    Tier 2's have "as much raw power as Tier 1's," to quote the original Tier thread. They've got the bombs. The only Tier 3 class that comes anywhere close to that is Factotum for its ability to prep one-of SLAs of whatever wiz/sorc spells he wants up to 7th level. So Factotums have a handful of bombs, a few levels behind, once each per day, while Sorcerers have some more of the bombs a half dozen times or more each day as well as metamagic shenanigans and other amazingly powerful stuff open to them because they actually cast spells instead of using SLAs.

    Without using spells, getting Tier 2 simply isn't possible without something just as overwhelmingly powerful to take their place.
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