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    Default Re: Stat Geralt of Rivia (from the Witcher series)?

    Quote Originally Posted by herrhauptmann View Post

    How many books are there? I've found Last Wish, and Blood of Elves. Don't remember anything about fixing a kettle though.
    There is Last Wish, and quite a lot of different short forms.

    There is also 5 part Witcher Saga - five novels:
    - Blood of Elves
    - Times of Contempt
    - Chrzest Ognia
    - Wieża Jaskółki
    - Pani Jeziora

    Written like that, because AFAIA, indeed only first two are translated to english so far.

    There is only literally one sentence about kettle in "Trochę Poświęcenia" -

    "Kettle was a bit punctured, but witcher soldered it with Igni Sign."

    There was also something about firing the torch, campfire, etc, AFAIR. General usage of Igni Sign.
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