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The latest that I have heard is that it will be finished and leave the printer's location en route to Ookoodook "next week"; I currently have a request to the printer to clarify whether they mean "Mondayish" or "Fridayish" of next week.

Obviously, if its the first, then the book will arrive at Ookoodook around Wednesday and all pre-orders should be out the door before GenCon. If its the latter, it will arrive the following Monday and probably only a portion of the pre-orders will ship before the personnel from Ookoodook need to get on a plane to go to Indianapolis on Tuesday night.

I won't know anything else until the printer gets back to me.

EDIT: OK, they literally just got back to me in my email as I was posting this. The answer is "Wednesday night," which sort of leaves it up in the air. I will need to consult with Kevin from Ook to see what this means in terms of how many products will get out the door.
Thank you! Hmm, depending on what happens, I may need to drop a message to the post office late next week. "If a package for me shows up the week after this, don't just leave it at the door like you usually do. I'll be out of the state, and what if it rains or something? I'll pick it up when I come home." Good to know this could be necessary. Thanks again for the information!