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    Default Re: [Base Class- Intended teir: 2+- 3.5] Battle Monk

    Quote Originally Posted by Benly View Post
    A kobold of any class (using the ROTD web enhancement) gets two attacks at its highest BAB at level 1, since both its claws are primary attacks. So does a razorclaw shifter (although it's a per-day resource) or any other race with two claw attacks.
    Yes, and the kobold has -4 Str. Besides, claws don't use iterative attacks, so even if you have 20 BAB, you can only make 2 claw attacks.

    Most races that have 2 claw attacks are unplayable at ECL 1 anyway. Other than the kobold (who has the aforementioned -4 Str, along with their claws only dealing 1d3 damage each), the razorclaw shifter, which is both campaign specific and limited to very few rounds per day.
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