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Yes, and the kobold has -4 Str. Besides, claws don't use iterative attacks, so even if you have 20 BAB, you can only make 2 claw attacks.

Most races that have 2 claw attacks are unplayable at ECL 1 anyway. Other than the kobold (who has the aforementioned -4 Str, along with their claws only dealing 1d3 damage each), the razorclaw shifter, which is both campaign specific and limited to very few rounds per day.
It's true, totemists have to wait for level 2. Psychic warriors get it from level 1, but only for a few hours per day.

My point of view is that when evaluating this as a low-level ability, flurry of blows, being limited to unarmed strikes and selected weapons with not-very-good stats, is comparable to natural attacks.

(also psst the kobold can use a class with sneak attack, pass it on)