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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoSeraphi View Post
    Two attacks at the highest attack bonus with no penalty at first level is just insane.
    This is what you said. You are now changing the goalposts, as the internets like to put it. You are changing the goalposts because you know you have no argument to defend your statement, if I may be so bold.

    As a matter of fact, here's a similarly blunt statement that I will proceed to defend with facts: "Spending a feat to gain the ability to make two attacks with a light weapon with a -2 penalty to hit and half damage with the off-hand is just insane."

    Defense: Any melee-oriented character can, without spending a feat, pick up a two-handed weapon and attack at no penalty to hit to deal more damage.

    For example, Dirk Diggler, a 1st level Warrior has taken the Two-Weapon Fighting feat and wields a Handaxe and a Shortsword. He has a Strength score of 18. When he attacks he may make two attacks at +3 to hit and deals 1d6+4 damage with the first and 1d6+2 with the second.

    Meanwhile, Grok Smasksh, another 1st level Warrior picks up a Greataxe. He hasn't even thought about what feat he might take. He also has a Strength score of 18. When he attacks he makes one attack at +5 to hit and deals 1d12+6 damage.

    Comparatively, Dirk deals 10% less damage than Grok because of his lower attack bonus. Dirk then deals an average of 11.7 damage per round, while Grok deals 12.5.

    Against, say, DR 2/magic, Dirk's damage falls to 7.7 per round, while Grok deals 10.5.
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