We've never had a pre-order this large, so it will be hard to say exactly how long it will take to get all the books out, but I estimate 10 days from the time that we get the book.

I will be at Gen Con starting Wednesday, the 3rd, but the warehouse crew will be working while I'm gone. I just get in the way anyway so things will go faster without me there.

If you're going to Gen Con and you want us to hold your book so that you can pick it up at the convention, let us know! Send an email to ship.manager@ookoodook.com. If we don't hear back before Tuesday, the 2nd, then we will ship your book as usual and you won't be able to pick it up at the convention. We will refund your shipping.

Now on to the games. We paid an outrageous amount to have a few games air-shipped over to sell at Gen Con. If you pre-ordered one of the games, we can give you a copy, but we cannot refund your shipping due to the cost we incurred in getting them here. Same deal - let us know before Tuesday (ship.manager@ookoodook.com), the 2nd or we won't be able to give you the game at the show.

The rest of the games should be here by the end of August. Literally as the games were on the dock the printer got a call that the games had failed product testing because (you'll like this) the game boxes didn't have the APE Games company city and zip code on the outside. I've been doing this for almost 15 years and have NEVER put my zip code on the game box. In fact, I'll bet that most of the games in your closet don't have the manufacturer's address on the box. Anyway, they had to take the whole shipment back and add address stickers before shipping them.

I'm also going to post this on Ookoodook.com and send out another carpet-bomb email.