Is it just me, or do we have all the named characters in one place now? Except those who were erased. Okay, most of those.

And yes, it's a pity Setsuna's fight got so little spotlight - she's one of the most important characters (more important than Chisame in my book) and what, the third most powerful fighter apart from the mentors? Second? And yes, I'll keep complaining about this until she gets to do something cool.

I finished Madoka lately. It's a very good show, and I highly recommend it - even though I've heard a lot of spoilers about it, the plot still managed to be very gripping for me. I gotta say, though, while it's nowhere near as dark as TV Tropes paints it, it's also darker than what Terra says about it - literally half of the episodes consist primarily of sad things happening and qb doing his best to make you want to murder him. The ending makes up for that though - it's weird, but I like it more the more I think about it.