As a public service, I believe this is the concrete timeline, with dates rather than just day names, for the releases, since the verbal description above may still be a bit confusing to some:

July 27th: the printer ships the books to Ookoodook (the books leave the printer -- they do NOT arrive at Ookoodook on this date).

July 29th: the earliest date that the books might arrive at Ookoodook.

August 1st: another possible arrival date at Ookoodook.

August 1st to 2nd: first orders are shipped from Ookoodook. Shipping continues approximately through August 12th (not set in stone).

August 4th or 5th: probably the earliest a few preordered copies might be in the hands of those who ordered them (approximate, non-official).

August 19th: probably about the time when the last-shipped books will reach the people who bought them (about a week after the last books go out on August 12th) (approximate, non-official).