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    Now you can have your very own pygmy satyr for the low, low price of Level Adjustment +2! It slices, it dices, it travels around with dire goats!

    Seriously though, fyr are a CR 2 (and, as mentioned above, LA +2) Fey that resemble gnome-sized satyrs with the features of an ibex instead of a goat. As their ibex features suggest, they are nomadic mountain-dwellers that rarely stay in the same place for long. They are master jewelers that trade their craft with druids, treants, elves, gnomes, and halflings, as well as humans and dwarves when they feel generous. Of course, as with most nature-folk, they hate orcs and goblinoids. In addition to naturey spell-like abilities, spell resistance, damage reduction bypassed by iron, the ability to speak with animals, and such general nature feyness, the fyr have an interesting extra ability tied into their mystical nature and craftsmanship: namely, they can attune any weapon to make it a +1 masterwork weapon as long as they hold it. In this way, you could almost make them out to be spirits of war as well as nature, or some sort of aspect of elemental metal.

    Gallows Tree
    Basically the hangman tree crossed with the yellow musk creeper.

    Gallows Tree Zombie
    The plant-zombies made by the gallows tree. They have slowness-inducing spore blasts and, as long as they are connected to the gallows tree by a bungee cord-like vine, fast healing.
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