Prince Lelk and the Field of Holes

Hey everyone, time for yet another story of Lelk, the elf rogue prince.

this story's guests are:

Miley, the elf ranger
Derek the tiefling cleric
Tiny, the ogre barbarian npc, very stupid. (thats my nickname for it, cause I can't remember its real name, or the DM forgot to name it)

Some background info: this story is sort of here because of a previous story where Lelk was on his own without any other PCs, and almost died three times facing the same mine all three times, at the end he blew it up with dynamite.

Now it seems the blown up mine had gone crater-y and now there are various horrors digging up from the deeps, apparently they didn't like it when Lelk did that.

Lelk, Derek and Miley and Tiny had all been drafted into some force to fight the horrors digging out see?
So we go ahead of the main force like proper PCs to investigate what we were facing. Along the way we smelled some horrid gas leaking from the ground.

Then we found what was digging out: a bunch of little flying things, now none
of us in the party are exactly what these things are, I imagine them to be black spherical things with bat wings, a big toothy mouth and red eyes, Miley imagines them to be tiny flying fat dragons, and Derek imagined them to be big bees. To this day we are still unsure exactly what they are, the DM wa vague about it.
however I called them "Mites" and the name stuck.

Anyways, we look at the Mites, they didn't seem to be doing anything threatening us but they are kinda horrors that could pose a threat in large numbers, I suggested that we burn them all, Miley and Derek said no, cause the horrid gas would catch fire and incinerate everyone in the field of holes including ourselves.
So I then decided to simply catch one of them to study them. Derek and Miley agreed that this was more reasonable.

so we rustled up some nets, the first two attempts by me and Derek fail. Then Miley catches one- but imperfectly, the net acting more as lasso and not getting the Mites wings, thus causing it to flying about and drag Miley along with it. She comes close to falling into one of the holes, but makes her reflex save and doesn't.
Meanwhile this lassoing gives me the idea to round up a bunch of Mites into a flying Mite-Raft. The DM shot down this idea since apparently Mites can't work together that well, so I instead opted to make a Mite-Mace, to capture one of the Mites in my net, then tear off its wings and use the Mite wrapped in the net as a mace-and-chain of course.
I roll a 20 and 14, success, I got my Mite-Mace.

However Derek sees something bad happening, makes Tiny pick up Miley and starts running away. I follow them yelling why Derek and Tiny was kidnapping Miley. Then Tiny, Derek and Miley all fall into a hole, stuck.
They soon get out of the hole, but now the Mites are swarming at us for some reason, maybe it because of Miley or because of me, I don't know.

Next thing I know, we are running from the Mite-Swarm, we get separate going in different ways around the holes, i jump over them, Miley goes around them, Derek goes some other place with tiny following him towards some hills.
Me and Miley meet up, we go to Derek, along the way we see the main force engaging the Mite Swarm and despite killing the Mites 4 to 1, are losing cause the Mites keep appearing from the holes.

So on top of a hill, we decided to burn them all like I originally suggested.
Miley takes out her bow, I my electric dagger, I put the dagger right under the arrow shaft and when the arrow is let loose the friction causes sparks to catch fire on the arrow shaft, the arrow goes into a hole, ignites a huge inferno, then proceeds to burn the entire Field of Holes, and the valley we came through, the Mite Swarm and the soldiers on our side fighting them
Then an explosion happens and sonic boom sounds out for some reason.

Lelk thinks the sight glorious and dedicates a new song to it, the title: Explosive Hallelujah.

After that, we wait a few days to for the fires to die down, in that time Miley levels up and tames a pet eagle, and I call it "Polly", though thats not the eagles real name. We spend a few more days trying to find the camp we came from where a wizard council is held. I try to persuade the wizards to lend one of the wizards to help us investigate the holes further, just to make sure that we have killed everything, but I roll a 10, not persuasive enough, a little old man tries to stand up and protest but I start interrupting him over and over again, the others of the group calling what I'm doing "filibustering", keep myself talking so that the debate cannot be closed.
While I filibuster, the other two members of my group go around taking wizards aside and asking them for help, eventually get one wizard to help us.

Then we go out into the now burnt Field of Holes to see if anything is left, but its getting dark.
We go around searching, we do some discussion then we decide that we have to go into the holes to find out if anything is there.
Then the ground starts crawling underneath us. I start singing the screaming song, Miley draws her bow, Derek starts edging away. I suggest we go down into the holes immediately thinking that the Field of Holes in some sort of giant mechanism or big beast's back that I burned, we did go but it was a dead end and we soon ran out of it.

Then a giant worm bursts out of one of the holes, it soars through the air and burrows again.
I go up to one of the holes the worm bursts out of it, I grab one of Mileys arrows, leap on top of the worm, use the same trick to ignite the arrow like before, then throw it into the hole the worm would be diving into to incinerate it, face first.
However it didn't work cause I didn't roll well, the gas in the holes for some reason was "stuck" and would ignite like when it was above ground. I then jump off the worm.

So then we decide to start running, we didn't go far before the worm came up again and decided to start attacking us.
Miley shoots her bow at it, does some damage, Derek uses some cleric spell to daze it, I go up to it and sneak attack it, dealing more damage, however the worm soon starts thrashing around and I get critical'd, a whopping 21 points of damage, putting me down to 3 hp. I keep fighting.
Miley does more damage with her bow, the ogre barbarian is still useless.
Derek heals some of my damage- to 8 hp, not much better- but then gets knocked down to negatives, meaning the healer is out and we have limited turns to kill this thing.

So I sneak attack again, Miley shoots he bow again, Tiny deals a hit, then I finally finish it off with a normal attack with my electric dagger.

However, Derek was still in need of stabilizing.
So first, Miley tries to heal him, her being the highest wis score and heal skill she fails.
So then, I try to heal him with only a +1 Wis modifier. I fail.
Then, Tiny the ogre barbarian, the stupidest guy in the world, with a -1 to this, rolls a 19 and succeeds.
You read me right, a freaking stupid ogre barbarian healed him.

we of course gone back to camp, I start singing Explosive Hallelujah with a couple of lines about how I slayed a worm, Miley thinks that she did more damage and that she slay it, tries to thwack me with the flat of a sword blade for being an idiot, but gets such a bad roll, that she accidentally cuts me for 6 damage on the edge, putting me down to 2 hp, meaning if Derek hadn't healed me, I would be dead then.

Then we had a fight with some wolves while traveling, and I actually used my Mite-Mace and it was good.

At the end of the session, The DM ruled I get 500 exp for being stabbed for singing a song. There was also a lot of jokes about my character being suicidally overconfident during that session.