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It's less that I'm not interested in seeing it made and more that I'm not interested in seeing the themes you're currently throwing down on the table, y'know what I mean? If you could work something with the idea of the taint of the Beast Within, I'd be utterly down with it.
Hmm. I'll see what I can do.

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I don't know about that very last sentence of the actual work in the first post (rather than the commentary), but since I haven't looked at Malefactor, I couldn't say if the fluff of Malefactor might not justify it.
Fluff-wise the whole thing is about cursed bloodlines. The idea of this is that the bloodline is manifesting on it's own. As such "Embracing" your heritage seemed to warrant a suitably significant change. And when I originally added in the "Lose bloodline, gain levels equal to levels delayed due to bloodline" thing, I realized it would never be a viable option because one to three levels of a class that late wouldn't give you much to use, especially considering the magnitude of features you're giving up.

Oh, and I'm back.