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Well, that's mostly correct, but many of the later augment have level requirements beyond when you gain the feature. Looking at eyes for example, the ability to see invisibility requires level 3, tremor sense and blindsight require level 7, and Arcane Sight requires level 10. Other features similarly have requirements like that. I might suggest adding some form of having the levels count as a fraction of ozodrin levels for the purposes of augments they have access to (while still requiring they have the pertinent feature as well).
Ah. Sorry I missed that. Corrected.

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Actually from the description I read, bloodline levels are actually more powerful than LA, as they still count a levels. This means that they count toward getting feats and ability increases. They grant you HD (d0 true, but still makes you one hd higher). You also get to count them for things like your caster level and DCs of any abilities based on class level.
That is indeed correct. I'm just too lazy to explain all that now. Though I am considering creating a "Guide to Bloodlines".

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Ah yes, the source of the name ozodrin. It has in fact been discussed at least twice in the main thread by my recollection. The answer is the class was originally based on a character named Ozoi (who is the one pictured on the first post of the ozodrin). To avoid copying her name directly, and help make it somewhat distinct, I added a few more letters that still left it pronounceable and seemed to conjure up the proper image.
As for the fan art, I have indeed seen it. I myself was surprised the first time I saw it.

Ah, okay. So Akodrin isn't a cruel mockery of a real word, just a name based on a name based on a name. Okay.