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    Default Re: Tales of Revelia: JRPG-styled Fantasy Webcomic

    -'Bunnyvines' (or an alternate nmae with a punn between bunnies and beans)
    Mobile carnivorous plants who move ont their stalk. Their name (wich is actualy just a commonly used nickname) commes from the fact they can coil their moving appendage like a spring to leap when they have a prey near and they also have two leaves wich sticks on the top. They emit a treacherously very pleasing scent and approaching preys by ground vibrations.
    Despite the cutsey names an slightly goofy apparence, they are actualy real annoying pests who can bite pretty hard.

    -Spore ballons. As the name say they're just small organic bubbles that float around contaning somme pollen like substance wich is slightly alergen. They actually look very pretty in an iridescent kind of way.
    They're not enemies per se but if you run into them they have an annoying tendency to blow in your face (you know, they are that kind enemies you meet in somme RPG the ones with annoying self destruct attack.). They do barely any real damage but they give an annoying "sneezing" status effect (the character just stops abruptely as long as it last. In battle there's a slight chance eshe might loose concentration everytime she tries to use an ability, thus loosing one turn). the affect carries for a few minutes unless cured.
    (alternate version, they're full of midly mind altering fermented vapors that cause a drunk status effect."
    There might exists somme pallete swaps other species that may be encounteres in other region in the game that cause somme more serioue status effects (like poison or stuff like that I guess ?)

    Naturally psychic grey squirrels who use telekinesis to throw small object at you with great velocity. They look pretty much like ordinary forest rodents except they have something slightly eerie about them. (Oh and they levitate.) they can also steal stuff from you.
    They aren't very agressive, just terribly territorial so you can just escape the fight. Wich is good because they are also surprisingly strong for starting monsters. (They have crap Hp and no stength but they have very powerfull shield like abilities and high evade)

    (I don't play JRPG very often, so sorry if this has already be done to death.)

    Pan Pipes playing wingless pixies.
    (aren't the wings kind of what defines a pixie int he first place ?)
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