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    Default Re: The Soul Blade (3.5e Base Class + Discipline) [ToB/Incarnum]

    Warrior's Soul

    The Warrior's Soul discipline is available to any initiator with an essentia pool, though they must sacrifice another discipline known to them to learn maneuvers from this path.

    Many of the maneuvers of the Warrior's Soul allow you to invest essentia in them. Doing so is a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, in which you fill readied Warrior's Soul maneuvers with essentia as you wish, much like allocating essentia to soulmelds. Unlike soulmelds, however, Warrior's Soul maneuvers follow their own essentia allotment progression, as seen on the table below.

    {table=head]Initiator Level|Maximum Essentia
    1-2| 1
    3-5| 2
    6-9| 3

    When a readied maneuver invested with essentia is initiated, the essentia is returned the the initiator's essentia pool, ready to be allocated as they wish, but no longer allocated to that maneuver.

    Unless otherwise noted, all Warrior's Soul maneuvers are supernatural abilities.

    The associated skill for this discipline is Concentration, and its associated weapons are the longsword, bastard sword, greatsword, hand axe, and greataxe.

    Maneuver List

    1st Level
    Stance of Azure Celerity- Stance- Successful strikes while in this stance allow you to reallocate essentia instantly.
    Cerulean Surge Stance- Stance Gain an additional point of essentia as long as you maintain this stance.
    Cobalt Strength - Boost- Melee attacks deal +1 damage/IL until end of turn, and an additional +1d4 damage for each point of essentia invested into this boost.
    Incarnum Lock- Strike- Melee attack locks foe's essentia in place for a period, unable to be reallocated.
    Indigo Shield- Counter- Gain a deflection bonus against one attack equal to essentia invested in this counter.
    Soul Strike- Strike- Melee attack deals +1d6 damage; gain extra point of essentia for duration of encounter if attack reduces foe to -1 hp or lower.
    2nd Level
    Echoes of the Soul- Boost- Gain blindsense out to 30 feet for one round; detect creatures with essentia pool further away.
    Lash the Soul- Strike- Gain +10 ft reach with melee attack, resolve attack as touch attack if two or more essentia is invested in this maneuver.
    Heartsblood Resurgence- Counter- Immediately reallocate essentia when taking damage, gain DR/- based on reallocated essentia.
    Cobalt Mauling Strike Strike Ignore DR equal to essentia invested in this strike, deal +2d6 damage.
    3rd Level
    Resolute Soul Stance- Stance- Gain spell resistance based on invested essentia while in this stance.
    Rising Disharmony- Strike- Successful attack deals +2d6 damage, sets up reverberations in foe's very soul that can be detonated later to deal increasing damage.
    Soul Release (Blade)- Boost- Phantom copy of your weapon repeats your attacks for one round, with enhancement bonus equal to invested essentia.
    Indigo Aurora- Strike- Wave of pure incarnum deals 1d6 damage per point of essentia invested in this strike to all foes within the area.
    4th Level
    Heartseeker Strike- Strike- Melee attack deals +4d6 damage, and you gain a bonus to your critical threat range equal to invested essentia.
    Cerulean Radiance- Strike- Melee attack deals +4d6 damage, witnesses must save or be temporarily blinded.
    Incarnum Leech- Strike- Melee attack deals +4d6 damage, burns away 1d4 points of essentia or wisdom for 8 hours.
    Azure Lancet - Boost Your next melee attack in the round deals +2d6 damage and stuns creatures without an essentia pool.
    5th Level
    Soul Siphon- Strike- Melee attack deals +6d6 damage; gain 5 points of essentia for duration of encounter if attack reduces foe to -1 hp or lower.
    Cobalt Typhoon- Strike Whirlwind of incarnum deals 8d6 damage to all creatures caught within it; size of typhoon increases with essentia investment.
    Soul Release (Body) Boost Incarnum copy moves as you move and attacks as you attack for one round.
    Indigo Riposte Counter Make an opposed attack roll against a physical attack with a bonus equal to invested essentia to deflect it harmlessly; shockwave of incarnum deals 1d6 damage/essentia regardless of success or failure.
    6th Level
    Enshackled Souls- Strike Make a melee touch attack against a foe, then again against another within 10 feet, and another with 10 feet of the last. Touched foes use movement and actions as one creature for one round.
    Soul Crush - Strike- Make Concentration check as part of a melee attack; attack deals result of the check as bonus damage and stuns for one round on a failed save.
    Ravenous Soul Stance- Stance Drain one point of essentia per round from nearby foes, added to to your own pool.
    Incarnum Shell Boost Thin layer of incarnum provides DR/-, temporary hitpoints, and boost to physical abilities based on invested essentia for one round.
    7th Level
    Triple Soul Lash- Strike Make three melee attacks at targets of your choice with one strike; attacks gain +10 ft reach, are resolved as touch attacks, and deal +1d6 damage/essentia invested in this strike.
    Midnight Mirror- Counter- Gain spell resistance against one spell; reflect the spell's effects upon the caster if you successfully resist.
    Incarnum Font- Boost Gain 5 essentia until end of turn, reallocate essentia immediately.
    8th Level
    Soul Lance- Strike Spectral lance pierces up to three targets in a 15 ft wide, 120 ft long line, dealing +12d6, +9d6, and +6d6 damage.
    Soul Release (Complete) - Boost Autonomous incarnum copy moves and attacks freely for one round.
    Incarnum Siphon Stance- Stance- Successful melee attacks drain 1 point of essentia or deal 1 temporary wisdom damage and grant you 1 temporary essentia.
    9th Level
    Soul Shattering Strike- Strike- Attack deals +15d6 damage. Creatures without an essentia pool must save or die, their life energy transformed into extra essentia for you.
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