Too early to discuss the thread title for XIV?

Brains a muddle at the moment. I'm trying to prep an Ork army for an upcoming tournament. Having seen what most people in the area field, I know my usual lists don't stand much of a chance. I don't really have the models or time to make one of the more popular lists (Green Tide, Kan Wall, Battlewagon spam) and have bits of each.

My current 1750 list is (in brief):
-3 deffrolla Battlewagons, 2 full of slugga boys, 1 with a trio of Meganobz
-KFF big mek
-Snickrot and Kommandos
-Grot zooka killa kans
-Deffkopta with rokkits and buzzsaw
-Shoota boys in trukk
-Objective grabbin' grots

I had lootas but they have utterly failed to do anything, due in part to being the only infantry to shoot at early on and getting every low strength weapon pointed at them.
In the last tournament I ended up dead centre of the rankings with 2 wins, 2 loses and a draw. The BW are usually good at getting the boys to the enemy line, but with so much Mech I'm having trouble making an impact when I get there.

I'm currently thinking of just using this list and letting go of hopes of grand victory and instead focus on having fun individual games. That said, I applied that logic to the last tournament and found the flavour lacking without the sweet tang of victory. I worry I have become all about the winning.