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My current 1750 list is (in brief):
-3 deffrolla Battlewagons, 2 full of slugga boys, 1 with a trio of Meganobz
-KFF big mek
-Snickrot and Kommandos
-Grot zooka killa kans
-Deffkopta with rokkits and buzzsaw
-Shoota boys in trukk
-Objective grabbin' grots
For me the Killa Kans stick out like a sore thumb in this list. They're the only thing that will be crumping across the field slowly, whilst the Grots hog your home objectives and everything else barrels straight to the other side of the table. Except for Snikrot obviously, who'll just whistle nonchalently as he walks on the opposite table edge (now that the its been FAQ'd, Ghazkull can always say hello with him too! ).

I'd replace the cans with more Deffkoptas or another squad of Boys in a Trukk, so your army all goes forward as one. I guess there's an arguement for having the Kans sit in your DZ and protect the Grots if anything threatens them. But in all honesty if anything so much as sneezes at Grots they're done for, so you'd be better off snagging other objectives with your Trukks and Wagons full of Boyz rather than protecting the Grots.

I'd drop the Buzzsaws on the Deffkoptas too, you don't want Initiative 2 models in at tiny unit sizes in combat, not usually anyway. Depending on the unit size you could use the points for 1-2 more Meganobz.

I'm a bit of a rookie with Orks though, so I'm probably wrong.