GW annual report is out:

Result summary: Sales Down 123.1M from 126.5M and profit pretty much flat.

Remember GW has an annual price rise of like 5% averaged over the whole product line so if they actually had a loss of volume of about 7% again. Not so good. They do not mention the lack of volume growth much.

They also claim that everyone had a positive reaction to finecast and got a 97% Quality Control value. This would have to be the level of kits they deemed shippable at production and not the return to store level.

Better pic of the Ur-Guhl and Medusae (paintjob is very slick):


Looks like the Ur-Guhl has two heads and is the mystery skull found on a few DE kits. The Medusa appears to have a moveable visor for the eye-blast.