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    Gender: Female.
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: 15.
    Alignment: Lawful Good.
    Class/Profession: Writer. While other characters are confined to the fictional world of the Nexus, Saphire is the personification of a player.
    Power Rating: S-Rank.
    Description: Saphire is a roughly fifteen year old girl. Her appearance can change as she wills it, but generally she keeps her natural form. She has long, blond hair, purple eyes with black glasses, and typically wears a thin, hooded, black cotton jacket, simple jeans and a plain, black back-pack. Every day she wears a different t-shirt with the logo of something she's obsessed with.
    Personality: Saphire is generally friendly and quite nice to get along with. She's especially good with kids. However, when she gets angry, she gets angry. It doesn't happen unless someone seriously rubs her the wrong way or insults one of her fandoms. When this happens, she's quite terrifying.
    Otherwise, Saphire rarely uses her god-powers for more than convenience. Occasionally she'll eschew them completely if it's for the sake of dramatic convenience - she has a flair for the dramatic and doesn't like messing with other people's plots.
    Equipment: Her clothes, and the contents of her backpack, which are, generally, average school supplies and a sketchbook.
    Abilities: Anything she wants. As a Writer/Player, Saphire can control the world so it's the way she wants it. She can change things or make them so they don't exist, or add things she needs. Or, she can take a more direct approach, hurling bolts of silvery-purple fire at her foes (which, depending upon how serious she is, have a nasty habit of homing in on their target) and flying about. Her powers aren't magic, but instead pure Creativity, which means anti-magic effects only work on them is she wants them to. She can also fly, and talk to other players directly. The fourth wall is merely a window for her.
    Backstory: Since Saphire isn't strictly a character, she doesn't have a backstory. She is essentially a high school kid indulging her whims.
    Miscellaneous: Saphire is about my equivalent of the H-Bomb. I won't use her for combat unless I am actually annoyed.
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