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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tabletop XIII: "Ironclads, Furiosos and Soul Grinders, oh my!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade Paladin View Post
    Just a guess, but I think he means Defilers aren't AV13.
    For the life of me, I can't see why that would matter. I mean, it's not like I put 'Defilers' in the title of the thread or anything. It quite clearly says Soul Grinders.

    In other news, picture this;

    During a round in a tournament, a pair of players finish their Deployment Phase, immediately, the Tyranid player forfeits. The Space Wolf player, complains, saying "Just play the game."
    The Tyranid responds that the Space Wolf player is playing full Mech, there's no way that he - the Tyranid player - can win, and to save himself the embarrassment of a crushing, humilating defeat, the player will forfeit the match and go have an early lunch or something.

    The Space Wolf player responds "You suck. Just play the game, I want to beat you. If you don't, I'm marking you a bad Sportsman. I want to play the game, and you're denying me that right, you're preventing me from having fun."
    The Tyranid player calmly responds that that response is why he's forfeiting. Calls a TO over, and hands the piece of paper that says he lost to the TO.

    The Space Wolf player wont sign the slip, therefore the TO can't accept the slip, and the Tyranid player has to play him.

    The Space Wolf player is summarily asked to leave the Tournament. The Tyranid player, counts as having a Bye for the round, and therefore is awarded a 'win'.
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