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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tabletop XIII: "Ironclads, Furiosos and Defilers, oh my!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Callistarius View Post
    Wow. Not a fan of either reaction, TBH.
    I could see where the Tyranid player was coming from, though.

    forfeit is there because you have some unforseen circumstance come up (eg illness, family stuff), not "I can't win".
    You can choose to surrender for whatever reason you want. It counts as a loss for you and a win for your opponent. Sometimes Major or Minor or even counted as a 'Wipeout' depending on the TO. Forfeiting immediately after the Deployment Phase is kind of lame though. I mean, Turn 3 or 4 I can understand - I've done it myself. But, before Turn 1? Yeah. Its really not cool.

    But, sometimes there's no point in playing because the outcome is a forgone conclusion. Nobody really likes to lose if they have a choice, and nobody likes to lose when there's absolutely no chance they could've won anyway.

    you learn more from [Major Losses] than yet another close loss that you blame on poor dice rolls.
    Sometimes you can, and other times you just get your arse straight handed to you for no other reason than a bad match-up.

    And seriously, who doesn't plan for mech-based when going to a tournament?
    Common problem for Tyranids is that they can't. One of the many reasons why they're considered one of the weaker Codecies.
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