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also in regards to the whole tyranids don't have good anti tank defenses, what about the heavy support slot? old one eye and the other monstrous creatures they got milling around down there can pack a serious punch.
First; Old One Eye is terrible. Just saying.

Problem is, MCs are just so slow. You can put one Carnifex in a Spore and wait for it to land (or, you've ditched your Alpha Warrior like a silly person and gone with a Hive Tyrant), and then watch it get shot at in your opponent's turn. It's not fun.

The other option is Shrikes with Rending Claws and Boneswords. Yes. You read correctly. Why would you take Rending when you already have Power Weapons? Because you have to. Otherwise you're in trouble. Given that 'Nids have no other good FA options except for Deep Striking Gargoyles, Shrikes are a pretty good pick. It's a shame they're almost as much of a pain in the butt to make (or get right) as a Tyrannofex.

But, then your opponent just shoots the Shrikes with Meltaguns, Krak Missiles and Lascannons-on-Razorbacks.

Tyranids can't deal with Mech. True story.