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    Default Re: The Soul Blade (3.5e Base Class + Discipline) [ToB/Incarnum]

    Hey, this is really cool! My only critique is that you get your third chakra bind a level before you get your third soulmeld, so it's basically a tease of a feature.

    Otherwise, yeah, awesome. Glad I checked it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    I forgot how much essentia the incarnum classes get, but it looks to be more here from what I recall. Is that due to the need to invest in maneuvers, of which you have quite a number?
    This gets one more essentia than the Totemist and five less than the Incarnate. Considering the Totemist is the stronger of the pair (and is possibly stronger than this, too), I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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