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    [That One Forest Mentioned a While Back]

    It's the dead of night, and the sky is overcast. The sounds of the sleeping forest echo throughout the trees. A lone figure stands in a wide clearing, inky black robes concealing his form. He stands alone, a summoning circle made of a solid, unmarred stone encircles his feet. Similarly, a circle encases the entire clearing.

    Behind the clouds, the moon reaches the highest point in the sky. Steadily, a red light washes through the clouds, staining the forest with it's light. Suddenly the clouds part, revealing the moon. It is not the moon as the Nexus knows it, however. It's a blood red orb, three times the normal size.

    The Blood Moon has risen.

    The figure pulls back the hood on his robe, revealing a head of long white hair, dark yet pallid skin, and blood red eyes. Gulaghar stretches his arms out wide and looks up into the Blood Moon. This is it. What he's been working for for so long. Soon, oh so soon, it will be done. All he has to do is speak one word, and it begins.


    The summoning circles flare a deep purple, as so do a myriad of trees throughout the forest. If viewed from above they would form another, much larger and much more complex circle, containing the entire forest. Each previously marked tree serves as part of a massive network of interconnecting lines.

    A huge pillar of that same purple light throws itself into the air from the clearing. A swirling vortex of magical energy pierces the moon. The torrent of power tears at the ancient vampire's robes and hair, wildly whipping them about his body. The trees of the forest start to look sickly, and begin to wither.

    And then... Slowly, slowly a woman of pure, pristine beauty descends through the pillar of magic. The red light stains her porcelain skin red. She looks shocked. The Nexus hasn't seen her face for an age, yet it feels her influence daily. Confusion is clear on her face as the goddess of the moon looks down at the vampire who summoned her.

    "Why have you called me here, child of the night?" Luralima feels strange, as if something is sapping her strength.

    "I am sorry." Gulaghar mutters before beginning a chant. The language is foreign, but it seems to drip with an untold power. The trees' death accelerates, as does all other signs of life in the forest. As the forest dies around him, Ghar seems to only strengthen.

    "What are you doing? Please stop." The goddess begs. Something is pulling the very life from her body. She's dying. There is no stopping it though, and there's nothing she can do while the circle binds her. Powerful magic indeed to trap the divine.

    At length all life has been extinguished from the forest. Not a tree, animal, plant, or even the smallest life form remains alive. Not even Luralima. Only the dead thrive in this place.

    Ghar stands as still and silent as the dead forest around him. No light remains, save for the light of the bloody moon. A small smile turns up the corners of the vampire's lips. "It is done." And without further ceremony, Gulaghar vanishes into the red light.

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