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    Allen Parker
    "I don't see what yer problem is. A man's gotta eat, don't he?"

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: Unknown. In the vastness of the wastelands, years blend into each other and are lost. Allen lost count of how old he was a long time ago. However, he's probably somewhere in the mid-30s range.
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class/Profession: While Allen calls himself a mercenary, and he mostly is, he's willing to do pretty much everything for cash. If you need someone to get your hands dirty for you, physically or metaphorically (or both), Allen's your guy.
    Power Rating: C Rank.
    Homeworld: Earth, post-nuclear apocalypse. (Think Fallout, but with less copyright infraction.)
    Description: See spoiler above. Allen is an altogether scraggly man with tragic hygienic skills. He smells of dirt, sweat and tobacco. His teeth are a a horrible yellow which stands out all the more against the darkness of his skin (excess water for tooth-brushing is a luxury where Allen's from, and bad habits stick like superglue). His clothes, which he has gathered over the years specifically to emulate a cowboy look, are stained and stiff with dirt. It would be an interesting, if altogether unpleasant, way to spend an hour cataloguing all the stains on his green-ish trenchcoat, although most of them are probably blood. Allen is never seen without his hat, a stiff-brimmed cowboy hat which he wears, at all times, always, pulled down so the brim covers his eyes and most of his upper face. How he sees beyond it is anyone's guess. All anyone's ever seen of his face is a scraggly goatee and a nose that was probably broken a few years back
    Personality: Despite his apparent lack in care for his physical appearance, Allen is surprisingly proud. He carries himself with a certain aloof better-than-youness, and seems to take a certain delight in irritating those with a stronger moral fibre than his own. Maybe it's just because he still finds them so delightfully novel. He speaks his name as if it means more than just that - as if it were some legacy he is trying to live up to. What that legacy could be is unknown, though, for Allen is loath to talk about his past.
    Allen has one true love in the world: Money. He collects it, hoards it, kills and steals and scrounges for it. What's he doing with all of it? Well, Allen's never said. It's entirely possible and in fact quite likely that Allen is just a hoarder with some psychological fixation on the idea of wealth.
    Also, Allen is extremely misogynistic, to the point where he rarely calls a woman by her real name, instead using degrading pet names like "cutie" and "sweetheart."
    Equipment: His ever-present hat; one week's worth of water and four day's worth of food; a pack of cigarettes and a half-full lighter; one revolver and one old rifle, both in surprisingly good condition; enough bullets (which can and probably run out whenever dramatically convenient); a two-sided knife, straight on one side and serrated on the other.
    Abilities: Allen is a great shot and is especially talented as a sniper. He's very accurate, although he's inexperienced in rainy conditions - not a lot of rain where he's from. He's slightly less proficient in close-quarters, but is still able to fight with his revolver and his knife quite effectively, but only if he isn't wearing his hat pulled down low. You'd be surprised how often this is a problem. Allen's also a pretty effective jack of all trades. He's got a lot of life experience.
    Backstory: To be expanded as I feel the need.
    Allen comes from a wasteland, two-hundred years after the world was torn apart in a devastating nuclear apocalypse. Life was hard and he grew up harder, killing for meals and taking care of his little sister. Travelling around the ruins of what used to be the United States of America, Allen learned to hunt all kinds of prey, and how not to become it himself.
    Eventually he managed to find his way to the Nexus, and now he's being a general nuisance for everyone.
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