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    Default Re: Darths And Droids 2: Should've Gone to Naboo

    Quote Originally Posted by The Glyphstone View Post
    I'd be amused if Chewie is indeed a new player - a friend of Annie's, or maybe even Sally's, who tries to make an interesting RP character and ends up out-munchkining Pete by accident, much to his shock and fury.
    Chewie could also be Sally making a character using advice from Pete. It makes sense -- she invented Chewie and his race, so she's the most likely one to remember him; and she's followed Pete's advice on things before.

    The only odd thing is that she doesn't really need a new character, since C3PO plays a relatively bigger role on the original trilogy. Still, she might want a character capable of contributing more mechanically, like Yoda did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Icedaemon View Post
    In the prequels, there are plenty of characters who play bit parts, whom Sally took control of. C3PO and Chewbaccha are both fairly regular characters in the original series, so both having players makes sense. Really, the only main character who croaks it partway through is Obi-Wan, suggesting that Ben might be the one to play several secondary characters - perhaps first switching to Biggs and finally settling in as Lando. Sally will probably play as Yoda, while C3PO is broken.
    Ben switching to Leia makes more sense, though, since she begins to play a regular role immediately around the time Obi-Wan dies. Biggs is only onscreen for a handful of minutes, while Lando doesn't appear until very late in the second movie, with absolutely huge gaps where neither appear -- plus, both are pretty minor roles overall, and there are already more major obviously-PC roles than there are players.

    (It would be amusing of Sally played Luke, since this would fit the brother-and-sister thing. But it seems unlikely when there's so many other characters she could play.)
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