Jack "Shakes" Monroe aka Sammy Hicks

"Well ain't it just peachy here, eh folks?"

Species: Human

Age: 37

Background and description: Prolific Blues singer and guitarist on the run from his record company over his third album. Monroe is rumoured to have sold his soul to play the guitar as well as he does.Before his signing, he held almost every job the West has, Undertaker, gunslinger, croupier, rancher, even a priest. 5 foot 9, with sandy hair, he now travels, looking for a place to lay low from his agent.


Power level: D

Equipment: His guitar, a horse he calls Valerie, a derringer, a collection of clothes he won during his time as a croupier, and the procedes of two lucrative record deals.

Abilities: Monroe is an exceptional guitarist, A decent shot with most firearms, and can repair and maintain almost any of them,given he has a quarter hour to fiddle about with it. What began as a hobby is now his new career as he now runs a small gun store,under the alias Sammy Hicks, dealing in every gun to have ever found its way into the Nexus. He still sings the Tavern Circuit under his alias, and is rumored to be forming a band.