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    Image courtesy of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

    Alias: The Lancer
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Starling
    Age: Unknown, probably in the "several millions" range.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Muphrid and his brothers in his consolation are tasked with ensuring that the sky continues to spin around the world.
    Power Rating: D Rank, but will progress through ranks quickly once he begins to train.
    Description: There is a certain pureness about Muphrid. He's human in appearance, slightly taller than most but not so much so. His skin is a warm golden-brown, covering a well-sculpted but not overly muscly form. His golden blond hair, long enough to just touch the small of his back, is elaborately woven into countless braids, each a different work of art. Currently he wears no clothes, but he is not immodest. Muphrid stands with a certain meekness, his large, black eyes watching the world with a quiet sadness.
    Personality: Despite his age, Muphrid is almost surprisingly innocent and almost even naive. Despite his alias, he's not a violent person because he's never needed to use violence. It's not that he's incapable of it - if he feels he needs to, he will. It's just that he doesn't understand it.
    When you've lived for millions of years, time seems to move faster to you. Because of this, Muphrid moves, acts and thinks at a slower pace than everyone else. To him, he's acting at a normal speed, and it feels like everyone else is going too fast. If he's interacting with several people at once, it might get to the point where he is unable to process everything going on at once.
    The Starling is generally quite quiet and rarely speaks loudly. Since he's among mortals, he is deliberately holding himself back from using his True Voice - the psychic voice stars use to talk to each other over thousands and thousands of light years. He doesn't know if it'll hurt a mortal, but that's not something he's keen to discover the hard way.
    Equipment: Nothing, at the moment.
    Abilities: True Voice (see above); light manipulation and the ability to create light up to the brightness of the sun; can turn his own light into physical items; the ability to detect life-warmth around him. However, his life-sense doesn't work on vampires and other undead - they don't have a life to detect.
    Backstory: When his mother, the Nexus moon goddess Luralima, was killed by an ancient vampire, Muphrid heard her cries and fell from the sky to aid her. Now, as he walks among the world of mortals, he must come to grips with the atrocity and ultimately find peace.
    Miscellaneous: Muphrid is based off this star.
    Starlings have a crippling fear of being alone. When a star goes supernova and burns out, it enters The Alone as it destroys everything around it. Being a purely social race, this is an almost unimaginable horror.
    So whenever Muphrid is alone, especially if he's alone in the dark, he will grow weak, and, slowly, die.
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