Mister Skin adjusts places his hat back on his head, pulls up a chair, and takes a seat in a suitably dapper fashion.

"Rude? Sir, her outburst was rude. I merely requested that she be silent until she calms down. I'm sure she will as soon as she realizes that her favorite uncle isn't here to cause any trouble," Mister Skin replies smoothly. His voice carries with it an almost hypnotic effect to the end that disagreeing with him might make one feel rather silly.

He gives Harnel a rather thoughtful look.

"Mmm... My niece has worked on you before, hasn't she? And then unwove the changes. You didn't find them satisfying?"
he takes a pipe out of his coat pocket and begins to fill it. "I can't imagine the quality would be below standards. Her work is quite flawless."

Zee finally manages to get her mouth open. Yay! It does in fact look like she has calmed down a bit. "Iog-Sotot is my favorite uncle, actually. He has some degree of respect for my relationships with the mortals. Unlike you."

Her tone is rather... bitter...

Mister Skin just shakes his head. "Tch tch tch. My that temper of yours. Just like your Mother. Too much passion if you ask me. You need to calm yourself."