Zee crosses her arms behind the counter and looks rather pouty. The look isn't too different from a child who has just been told that it's time to turn of the video games and finish their homework.

"Of our various progeny 'Zee' is easily the most flexible. Her father wasn't of our kind, you know. Vastly powerful yes, but not one of us. I suspect that may explain some of her eccentricities. Of the Young Ones she is quite unique in her qualities. However,"
Mister Skin pauses to lite his pipe and takes a deep puff. Then points at himself with the stem. "My siblings and I are not constrained in the same way our progeny are. Form is of little real meaning to us."

So he can look like whatever he wants.

"And why I'm here? Too meet some of my nieces' friends of course, just as I said. There isn't an unreasonable chance that most if not all of you will be killed when Young Ones awaken, conversation will be hard when you're a cadaver. And as clever as my niece is I have the feeling that she won't be able to postpone that little dinner date this time," he waves one hand dismissively. "Terribly sorry about all that. But there's little I can do. Kids will be kids after all. They just get too restless if they're kept inside for too long."

He takes another puff from his pipe.

"I'm sure you understand."

When Garrett appears Zee will quickly gather his food quickly and offer it to him on a tray. And at the same time leans in close to whisper, "Stay away from the guy in the white suit. He's bad news." she then coughs rather audibly to try to get Niara's attention.