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    Mister Skin gives THAT CAT a passing glance.

    He could wake the feline up. But that would be directly interfering in the work of his niece. And if there's anything he doesn't like it's people mucking up the work of others. He has no vested interest in That Day happening right now. He can wait a few millions years if K'rax manages to postpone it.

    Not in any hurry at all.

    "Oh, not at all,"
    Mister Skin replies to Harnel. "I'm surprised she hasn't told you herself. It's a subject she's quite passionate about, really," he takes another puff on his pipe. "A being that I have never seen before, of course. But what of his power I can find mingled with Ragnnora's is quite curious. A strange little tingling feeling you mortals call love. I suspect that's why she's so keen on you all."

    Mister Skin tips his hat to Harnel when introductions are in order! "A pleasure, sir. But sadly titles are all I have. Just all the various things you mortals call us. We don't have names because there was, quite frankly, no one to name us."

    "He does have a horrible taste in ties," Zee agrees with Niara, trying in vain to suppress a giggle. Though she gets serious in a hurry, peering really close at Niara. A few seconds later she breaths a heavy sigh of relief. "He was telling the truth, he didn't do anything to you."

    She sounds very glad to have discovered this.

    And then Raril!

    Zee waves at him exuberantly from behind the bar!

    ...she has a weird tentacle thing sticking out of her back and extending through the wall. Which only ever shows up when Zee is far more manifested on the material plane than she usually is. And NEVER to this degree.
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