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Thread: [Nexus] Trog's Tavern CCXXXVI

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    Despair is given a cough for attention much as Niara was. Zee is probably willing to explain.

    Niara is given a knowing nod and handed a whole bottle of wine along with an empty glass. "Sorry about startling you. It's the least I can do to make up for it."


    Zee is so nice!

    Raril is flashed a sheepish smile when he points out the obvious. "I knoooow... The Stars Are Right and I'm wide awake. I can't hide the physical connections to the rest of me at the moment."

    That's... uuh... really bad. She's probably explained before more or less how bad this is.

    "I've got heroes running all over the Nexus right now trying to seal up various Old Ones before they wake up too. If I can pull this all together I should be able to postpone That Day by at least a few thousand years. Maybe more."

    She then coughs rather awkwardly.

    "And my uncle came to visit!" Zee nods at the Egyptian looking fellow in the snappy white suit. "Isn't that nice, Raril?"

    Her tone suggests that this isn't nice at all, but it would be lethal not to play along.


    Mister Skin strokes his King Tut beard thoughtfully. "Dear me, well... In no particular order I'm known as Mantorok, Nyarlathotep, The Corpse God, The Faceless God, The Black Mist, The Black Trickster, He Who Waits At the Crossroads..." he shakes his head. "Plenty of others."
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