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    Mister Skin tips his hat to Harnel. "Best of luck to you, young man. You may very well be able to pull it off with my niece helping you, I have the utmost confidence in her abilities."

    He then takes a swig of his gin and tonic that he didn't have before.

    Running and hiding wouldn't be a terrible idea. Normally you might think it would offend someone, but offending a thing that completely lacks human emotions is kind of hard.

    "Yes! That would be great,"
    Zee replies to Raril in her usual mirthful tone. "My uncle wanted to meet my friends before they're all defiled and devoured by the Old Ones when they wake up. I'm sure he would really enjoy your company!" she then adds in a rather playful voice. "Just be mindful about haggling with him! He's great at getting what he wants!"


    Do not make any deals with him or your soul and worse will be forfeit.

    Then Harnel asks a question!

    "Yeeeeaah," comes the drawn out reply. "Technically my uncle doesn't have much to do with the Apocalypse proper. He'll just clean up after it. Provided we don't manage to put a stop to it. Which I really hope that we can."

    Zee takes a deep breath.

    "There are Old Gods that need to be sealed so they won't wake up. I can't do it myself. But I can tell others how. It's imperative that my instructions are followed exactly. A single misstep could cause disaster."
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