Inigo Montoya

Alias: None.
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Human.
Age: late thirties, early fifties-ish?
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class/Profession: Mercenary(retired), Swordsman (retired)
Power Rating: C
((Avvie drawn by Serpentine))
Personality: Inigo is old now, and he knows it. He's more likely to tell stories about the good ol' days then try and do anything. Still, if someone were to motivate him, they'd find he's still calm and serious minded, if a bit nostalgic.
Equipment: A rapier that looks much like it's owner: Old, and having seen better days. Still very, very sharp though. Inigo also possesses a magic gauntlet of fireballs, but he hardly uses it except in extreme cases. He also possesses a locket that looks as if it has two photos in it. He never lets anyone see the inside of it though.
Abilities: A veteran of hundreds of battles, what Inigo lacks in strength, he makes up for in dexterity, and wisdom.
Backstory: Inigo Montoya is old now. After defeating the six fingered man, and spending several years in HALO, he disappeared, only to reappear now. He can feel his age creeping up on him, and has decided to retire to more of an advisory role.