Heavily armored skeletons with glowing eyes and drawn weapons really do tend to stick out.

Zee gives him an uncertain look.

"What can you do... Umm..." she blinks. "I'm... not really sure. I'll need to think about it. These little quests tend to be really picky about who gets sent on them."

Or in other news Rebo will have some ready come tomorrow!


As soon as Raril announces who he is what looks like a genuine smile spreads across Mister Skin's face. "So you're the lucky man."

He looks Raril up and down before giving a slight whistle.

"Girl's got odd taste. Not even any tentacles. But hey, so long as she's happy, right?" he pushes a chair out from the table with his cane for Raril to sit in. "Have a seat my boy, tell me a bit about yourself. Don't worry about being too in depth, I'm sure we'll get a chance to chat again. Even if this world goes to hell in a hand-basket she'll no doubt go out of her way to preserve and protect you."