Well, Welkneir...

I've been having an EVIL plan. Namely, modded e6

Everyone has one of your Bloodlines at Major strength. This loses them levels 3 and 6.

The only classes they can have are here. If they complete all 3 levels of a given Apprentice Class, they may take the 1st level of the actual related class (Might make a capstone level for the paragon class levels...)

For every 5 (not 10) feats after we hit "epic", they are treated as being one level higher for the purpose of their bloodline. We'll stop gaining xp after taking the 10th feat after level 6.

Therefore, I like it when your bloodlines have a "capstone" for an 8th level character.

So, could you give a suggestion for a level I could replace the benefits of with Recitation 1st?